NET 2017 Past/Forward Pt 3

This is the third installment of our four episode collaboration with The Network of Ensemble Theaters, focusing on Past/Forward: the June 2017 NET National Gathering and Symposium

Founded in the mid-1990s by a small group of ensemble theaters, NET has grown into a vibrant national community of over 350 members, including theater simple.

The 2017 National Gathering brought together NET members, artists, educators, activists, funders, policy makers, and others with an interest in collaborative creation across disciplines.

Many thanks to everyone who stopped to chat with Simpletons Andrew Litzky and Llysa Holland.

0:00 - 1:53: Intro 1:54 - 5:55: Terry Greiss, Irondale Ensemble (Brooklyn, NY) 6:00 - 9:45: Robin Stamey, Almanac Dance Circus Theatre (Philadelphia, PA) 9:46 - 16:25: Brian Jones & Carrie J. Cole, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Indiana, PA)16:30 - 19:30: Chris Bange, Independent Artist 19:35 - 22:17: Tara Khozein, Theater Grottesco (Santa Fe, NM) 22:28 - 26.34: Lucia Neare, Lucia Neare's Theatrical  Wonders (Seattle, WA)26:36 - 28:56  Larry Bogad, Center for Tactical Performance & U.C. Davis (Berkeley, CA) 29:04 - 30:12: Sherrine Azab, A Host of People & Network of Ensemble Theaters (Detroit, MI) 30:21 - 34:46: Meena Natarajan, Pangea World Theater (Minneapolis, MN)  35:03 - 36:06: Outro

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PARK BENCH is an interactive public art piece that often resembles a tiny park on a rolling hill, where we invite people to have a seat and have a chat from a slightly different perspective. We ask you to tell us your thoughts, and we’ll tell the world.  But…. COVID-19 has impacted our lives/work, too -  SO we adapt~

These are recorded phone calls and cellphone-recorded voice memos. You will hear differences in recording quality as we go, but hopefully you can still hear the CONVERSATION, and engage with that wherever you are.