Out of the Box

You must not ever stop being whimsical.   Mary Oliver 

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Some of what we do is slippery to categorize-
~ park adventures that can be performed with and for the community along rivers or parks, and other public spaces
~ civic-planning charettes,
~ cumulative installations that aggregate into podcasts,

~ spectacles that can translate into museums,
~ producing showcases and festivals
~ daydreams that turn into 2-day long wishes for Make A Wish...

In these pages, you can have a look at a few different ideas. If you are looking for your own special 'something', and it's not quite here, let's talk.   Perhaps we can create it with you.

The Crows (Flora and Fauna)

Park Bench, Adelaide, South Australia

We build from the imagination up.
theater simple was founded with the goal of stripping the theatrical experience down to its elemental parts:
   ~ the imagination of the actor and audience,
   ~  the playwright's words
   ~  and the ensemble's vision.

For our OUT OF THE BOX work, theater simple has built an award-winning rep by creating interactive public events, aimed to inspire community dialogue linking ideas and art with daily LIFE. 
We work outside of the box,
thinking globally and acting locally.
We create theater. Simple.

Robin in Wonderland

Colby - I wish to be a secret agent!