Workshops  ~ for youth, for emerging artists, for peers, for FUN!

ALL the WORLD'S A STAGE - with Tacoma Arts Live - August 13-18 with performances Aug 14-15  SOLD OUT

Award-winning theater simple invites participants into a brains-on hour exploring the company's imagination-based ideas.   

Challenges we have answered onstage: How can someone fly onstage - without wires? How would shampoo behave? How do we represent the world tilting on its axis? Using imagination, improvand cooperative brainstorming, we'll turn impossibilities into theatrical magic.  Includes performance tidbits, and a few silly games.  

Page to Stage WORKSHOP - the extended Improbable Theater workshop, considering tactics adapting non-theatrical text to the stage.
Entirely useful for answering the question,

"How do you make words on a page come alive on a stage?" This workshop will develop team-building and multi-dimensional imaginative, verbal and physical skills to work as an ensemble while tackling the challenge of adapting non-theatrical text to be LIVE onstage. 

 We use imagination as our building blocks to take images that are written on the page, and generate an honest, insightful and fun work of art. This class begins to develop the necessary skills it takes to interpret, stage, design and perform works from fairy tales, novels, short stories, or poetry.  With a few new simple skills, students will discover their own ability as theater artists. 

appropriate for grades 4 -professional level

Space needed:  theater, large classroom, or gym 

Class size: 6 - 30 

All too often as theater artists we tend to rely on using only our heads and the spoken word to communicate.  How do you tell a story when the text is removed?  In this interactive, participatory workshop, students will learn to explore how to express ideas and tell a story using sound as an additional ensemble member, not just a background noise.  This class is a wonderful opportunity to remember that as artists we are all composers and choreographers.  Dance background NOT required. 

(can be multiple days)

A week-long immersive theater workshop - engage your creative brain to solve impossible problems and enhance your  'taking care of your audience' skills.  Using scenes and themes from Lewis Carol's Through the Looking Glass theater simple will challenge you to create your own wonderland and invite others inside! 


Audition Workshop & Clinic 
Challenge yourself to go further than you thought possible in your personal work, and learn to become centered and grounded in any audition environment. 
(one day class) 

Character Work 
Learn to dive deeper into the world of your characters and bring a truth and vitality to the stage. No matter what the style, time-period, or playwright, theater simple will teach you some basic exercises to explore the world (both on and off stage) of the role you're playing. 

Movement for the non-dancer 
A crash course on how not to crash into your cast mates!  Learn basic tips, tricks and techniques to help you through choreographed moments on stage. 
(Fun for adults, because we can all use these skills)could be a couple day class or a stand alone) 

Pool of light (appropriate for grades 8th-professional. useful tool for newbies as well as pros

One of the favorite tools from theater simple’s arsenal, this workshop will help artists of all ages explore a thousand ways to see a single moment. 

Pool of Light allows any group to create a shared history and vocabulary while enhancing individual character work and generating a greater depth of understanding for both on- and off-stage moments.  It also is instrumental in collaborating to creatively solve challenging staging issues, by exploring theatrical expression outside of literal interpretation. 

This workshop is a highly participatory, collaborative adventure that will awaken your theatrical imagination. 

Space needed: ​Preferably  a theater space, or room that has little to no light or sound bleed, it requires lighting capabilities to achieve a single spot of light focused on the floor. 

Class size: 8 - 30