COVID CONVERSATIONS - A globally-sourced PARK BENCH series Fall 2020  - JOIN US

Welcome to PARK BENCH, theater simple's wide-ranging podcast conversation about...anything and everything. (Click here for past podcasts)
Here in Fall 2020, since we cannot join the community in person, we are asking the community to join us. 




We are asking folx OF ALL AGES ANYWHERE in the WORLD to record an AUDIO FILE or a VOICE MEMO answering the PROMPTS below and email your file to  "INFO@THEATERSIMPLE.ORG". (There are many awesome youtube videos explaining how, but most smartypants phones have a voice-memo app and make it super easy. If you still need an assist, reach out an email to us, and we'll be happy to help sort it out.)

THE TOPIC we are currently examining - (The podcast question/prompts follow. You can answer just one question, or the whole passel of one of the topics - you do you AWESOMELY!)
   You thoughts about the role of CREATIVITY IN ISOLATION/ quarantine/ this new momentdeadline for recordings: Dec 6, 2020.
Recent episodes are on Voting and the Concept of CITIZEN or CITIZENSHIP.

SO - WHAT WE NEED in your recording, please include -   

  • Your name (which will be kept off podcast - for our records only.) And with what sort of device are you recording? 
  • How do you identify yourself? (whether on a census form, a ballot or legally) One of our goals is representation, so we need to know how you represent  - by geography, age, hair color, education, economics, relationships, ancestors, fave snackfood... however you define yourself 
  • The statement that "theater simple has my permission to use these voice recordings in the podcast, PARK BENCH."  
  • Your location in the world. (City/state/country/ continent... any of all of it.)  
  • And a good contact email*.  
  • HOWEVER   - we will send you the link via your *good email so that YOU can send it along to your posse, family, or friends.

    Podcast Prompts: consider CREATIVITY in isolation (your own or other's) How can it be useful to you or others during this current moment?   deadline: December 6, 2020

    • What is this current pandemic presenting you in terms of creativity?  Or lacking for you?   
    • How are you expressing it? Is it hard? Easy? What pulls you forward or holds you back?  
    • What is a surprise? What is a comfort?   
    • What is your most hopeful idea around art or creation?  What have you been glad to discover?
    • Have you discovered any poems/music/art that is inspiring? Will you please share it with listeners? 

    previous prompts for conversation starters for yourself and friends:

    Podcast Prompts: VOTING - what does it mean for you, PERSONALLY?  PODCAST LINK HERE, SOON!

    Do you recall the first time you were at a polling place? Who else was there? How old were you?  / Are you registered to vote currently? (or) Have you voted recently? Why or why not?/ Do you recall the first time you voted? What do you remember? /  If outside the US; what are the voting rules where you are? Is it compulsory or is there effort involved to be able to cast a ballot?  /  Are you planning to vote in the next election? Why or why not? [We are not as interested in your affiliations as much as your connection to the process]   
    BONUS: If you could identify only one issue that is important to YOU (even if it might be a secret to your closest companions) that has any profile on a local, federal or global scale, what might that be?