Site Visit- Meet the Peeps - Indiana University, Pennsylvania

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Indiana University, PA, Indiana, PA

Llysa and Andrew travel to snowy Western PA on Groundhog's Day for a week of classes, meetings, reconnaissance and local tea & coffee in anticipation of their collaborative commission by the Lively Arts Performing Arts Center. (April 2021)

PARK BENCH is an interactive public art piece that often resembles a tiny park on a rolling hill, where we invite people to have a seat and have a chat from a slightly different perspective. We ask you to tell us your thoughts, and we’ll tell the world.  But…. COVID-19 has impacted our lives/work, too -  SO we adapt~

These are recorded phone calls and cellphone-recorded voice memos. You will hear differences in recording quality as we go, but hopefully you can still hear the CONVERSATION, and engage with that wherever you are.