WORLD PREMIERE: CARAVAN CHRONICLES at the 3rd Annual Theatre Festival in the Epoch of Happiness

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Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

WORLD PREMIERE: CARAVAN CHRONICLES - this re-imagining of a family reunion travels out of a park to Central Asia and into a gorgeous theater in the heart of Ashgabat.

We have families of blood, we have families of choice, and we have families of circumstance. And no matter where we go in the world, we find connections and shared values with ‘family’ we haven’t met yet. In it, a quartet of ‘cousins’ (internationally acclaimed, award-winning theater simple) dive into the shared stories, myths and traditions of a sprawling, but oh-so-familiar tribe while audience members become ‘part of the family’ as they experience a semi-traditional yet highly idiosyncratic family reunion.

theater simple is pleased and very honored to be working with the US Embassy in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, at the invitation of the Ministry of Culture.

While in-residence, there will also be events at the American Center and some master classes taught.