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La Cite francophone Theatre, 8627 91 Street, Edmonton, Alberta CANADA T6C3N1

"One of the Great Theater Events of the Decade" The Stranger Satan comes to 1930's Moscow, but he's not the devil we think we know...

theater simple shakes up a philosophical Molotov cocktail with shots of magic realism, vaudeville, the Bible and live music in this original adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov's final masterpiece. Banned then censored for over 30 years, it has become one of the most influential novels of modern Russia.

theater simple re-examines their award-winning take on Mikhail Bulgakov's satire for 2019.
Recipient of the FRINGE AWARD for BEST PLAY at the 1998 Adelaide Fringe, M&M has been theater simple’s most requested work, and given the state of global politics, ripe for re-examination.

THE very basic-est BASICS: (imagine matryoshka or nesting dolls - a story in a story in a story)

1932: The Devil comes to Moscow, demonic entourage in tow, to learn if Stalin's politics have actually changed human nature... And to find a hostess for his annual Devil's Ball. These stories are tangled up with an alternate telling of a fateful meeting with Pontius Pilate.

5 actors take on the challenge of 35+ characters, with on-stage musicians playing a brand new score by Brent Arnold.

This 90-minute pell-mell rollercoaster features one trunk, 3 screens, and a hard-working ghost light.

“engrossing - This is the kind of apparent simplicity that demonstrates real theatrical sophistication - an invitation for an audience to take a leap of the imagination. A stunning combination of stagecraft and storytelling.” The Edmonton Journal