The MASH UP! 2017


A Showcase of Theatrical Ingenuity 

An ARTS BUFFET with distinct tastes of inspired music, dance, magic, comedy and theater.. 

Come for your favorite flavor, and stay for the whole tasty menu - BECAUSE YOU COULD HAVE IT ALL, in bite-sized pieces.

ACT THEATER, Bullitt Cabaret  Wednesday September 6, 2017 8pm.

press release - THE MASHUP 9/6/17 press release for THE MASHUP, curated by Llysa Holland and produced by theater simple at ACT THEATRE's Bullitt Cabaret, Seattle WA 1.54 MB

 Featuring a sneak peek at the updated acclaimed adaptation THE MASTER & MARGARITA by theater simple, with friends Black Swan Arts & Media (Oakland, CA)  bringing breathtaking stories of immigration written by children in HEART OF AMERICA, the powerfully intoxicating music of THE LOVE MARKETS, the mystifying and wondrous illusions of VITALY BECKMAN (who fooled Penn and Teller!), the loony ninja acrobatalists NANDA flip out, and comedian Mike Delamont brings us GOD IS A SCOTTISH DRAG QUEEN  in a floral 1980's woman's power suit.

The 4th MASH UP, held every 3 years, is a platform for theatrically-based NW performers and ensembles to showcase their work in a theatrical space during the Western Arts Alliance conference.  Curated and produced by Llysa Holland and theater simple, it has a practical basis.  "I figured - we're all at this conference, trying to tell presenters about our work - why not publicly SHOW  the work incubated in this community, and prepped for travel and let the presenters see how it plays? Followers of one group can come and support them, then see fantastic work by someone else, and perhaps start following them, as well. Everyone wins!"

We saw you in the theater~   thanks for coming! FULL HOUSES make for HAPPY PEOPLE!