NET 2017 Past/Forward Pt 2 (theater simple's PARK BENCH, Ep 34)

Welcome to Park Bench, theater simple's mobile interview outpost where we invite people to have a seat…and have a chat.   This is the second installment of our four episode collaboration with The Network of Ensemble Theaters, focusing on Past/Forward: the June 2017 NET National Gathering and Symposium

Founded in the mid-1990s by a small group of ensemble theaters, NET has grown into a vibrant national community of over 350 members, including theater simple. The 2017 National Gathering brought together NET members, artists, educators, activists, funders, policy makers, and others with an interest in collaborative creation across disciplines.

They Gathered for four days, just after midsummer on the beautiful campus of The University of Washington. And Park Bench was there, talking with participants about the importance of Art and Ensemble Theatre practice, and The Gathering itself. We generated so much great sound, that we have spread it over 4 half hour podcasts.

  0:00 - 1:50: Intro
1:53 - 8:00: Helen Stoltzfus, Black Swan Arts & Media (Oakland, CA) 8:05 - 10:38: Jake Hooker, A Host of People (Detroit, MI) 10:39 - 13:15: Diane Baas, In Good Company & University of New Orleans (New Orleans, LA) 13:24 - 17:09: Sam Kelley, Playwright & Educator, State University of New York at Cortland (Cortland, NY) 17:10 - 20:33: Jessica Massart, Dance and Theater Performance Lead, Kickstarter (New York, NY)
20:40 - 23:20: Scott Magelssen, Associate Professor of Theater History, University of Washington(Seattle, WA) 23:28 - 26:35: Maria Glanz, UMO Ensemble (Vashon, WA) 26:36 - 29:42: Gabriel Grilli, BrickaBrack Ensemble (New York, NY) 29:53 - 33:42: Fenner, Ragged Wing EnsembleAgile Rascal Bicycle Touring TheatreNaked Empire Bouffon (Oakland, CA) 33:48 - 36:56 John Flax, Theater Grottesco (Santa Fe, NM) 37:05 - 38:32: Outro

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