Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

— Albert Einstein


theater simple
We build from the imagination up. 
Award-winning, internationally acclaimed theater simple
begins with elemental parts:  imagination, text and movement, + creative vision.

Our goal is to impact everyday creativity by interacting within various communities (teaching, collaborating, and conversing) and by linking ideas and art.
We aim to create works that inspire, challenge and delight artists and audiences.
"ever-ingenious... intriguingly ambitious, physical, and brainy"     Edmonton Journal

Latest NEWS:
We are embarking a small 'thinking' sabbatical - like so many artists, we are faced with new thoughts and challenges - our current conversations are around for whom we tell stories, how, and how do we make them more accessible. Want to talk with us about these eternal thoughts? Email us!

But TRUST US - we'll be back soon - in parks, in a theater space and probably in your ears...


non-traditional spaces =  OUT OF THE BOX BROCHURE! 
(click me to download!) NOTE: double gate fold (fancy! 8.5"x14")
CLICK HERE for the current touring card for theater simple ~ a good starting place to begin conversations! (quick file .pdf download)

In a theater, through a park, or across the internet,
we work out of the box and around the world.
Thinking globally, and acting locally,

we make theater.


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