Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

— Albert Einstein

theater simple

We build from the imagination up. 
Award-winning, internationally acclaimed theater simple
begins with elemental parts:  imagination, text and movement, + creative vision.

Our goal is to impact everyday creativity by interacting within various communities (teaching, collaborating, and conversing) and by linking ideas and art. 

We aim to create works that inspire and challenge artists and audiences.
"ever-ingenious... intriguingly ambitious, physical, and brainy"     Edmonton Journal

The CARAVAN CHRONICLES Crew - adventures in CENTRAL ASIA November 2019

The CARAVAN CHRONICLES Crew - adventures in CENTRAL ASIA November 2019

CLICK HERE for the current touring card for theater simple ~ a good starting place to begin conversations! (quick file .pdf download)

non-traditional spaces =  OUT OF THE BOX BROCHURE! 
(click me to download!) NOTE: double gate fold (fancy! 8.5"x14")




AN EXPERIMENT! WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT  (click here to email feedback!)
We are investigating HOW to perform with the current limitations of space/capacity/content and the human desire to connect with whimsy and imagination. If you live in West Seattle and are going for a walk in the south end, maybe pass by and join us for a brief moment May 9 & 10. Join the Mock Turtle and the Gryphon (WONDERLAND) sometime between 3-4p More info HERE on FACEBOOK!!!.

CARAVAN CHRONICLES went to TURKMENISTAN!! the simpletons have just returned from touring to Ashgabat, Turkmenistan at the invitation of the US Embassy with CARAVAN CHRONICLES. We will be uploading some pics the first week of December.

PARK BENCH will be rolling VIRTUALLY our into the neighborhoods of Seattle this spring with a series of questions about CREATIVITY during QUARANTINE and VOTING, and opinions on community and connection and how that intersects with life plans. SPEAK UP! Come join the conversation.

WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT (May 9 & 10, 3:00-4:00p) Local, hyper-personal, inspirational.... safely distant.  This all-ages literary-based platform allows passers-by to relax into a moment of art, encountering characters from theater simple's vast spectacle-based repertoire.  Fantastical characters and readings drawn from Lewis Carroll, Edmund Lear,  Melville and more combine to offer connection through art, poetry and whimsy. Our first event May 9 & 10th at 3-4pm... Please check our Facebook Event for more details.


PLAYDATES - coming when we can get back together:  drop-in classes for performers (from pros to just-fledged) to learn, experiment and refine ensemble and creation skills around ideas of adaptation. Cross-discipline, affordable, accessible = PRICELESS. Email Llysa at for more info


In a theater, through a park, or across the internet,
we work out of the box and around the world.
Thinking globally, and acting locally,

we make theater. Simple.


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