"We are soooo delicious!"
                 photo by Cheryl Marland 2014

"We are soooo delicious!" photo by Cheryl Marland 2014

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in case you can't come to the OYSTER BBQ and learn to lawn bowl, perhaps you might like to hear about the rest of our plans as they loom on our horizon...



September 16th, 2018, 3p-8-ishp. BEACON HILL  (no Seahawks game, so no excuses)

Come support theater simpletons in their endeavors to EAT! DRINK! BE MERRY! 
(and help cover their operating/producing costs for the coming year!! WE HAVE PLANS we'd love you to be part of!) 

AND WE WILL RULE THE WORLD WITH GARLIC BUTTER! (OK - cilantro lime ginger sauce, too. And BBQ, ok!) 

This private fundraising party is for friends and fans, old and brand-spanking-new - we are delighted to have you [well done finding the invite!]   

~ Because ~ GREAT creativity flows best with friends and food - the rest we can hash out in the rehearsal room. 

Kids welcome! Friends welcome, too!! 
Jefferson Park Lawnbowling Club, Beacon Hill    3p-8pm
4103 Beacon Avenue South 

WE PROVIDE: Oysters to Grill, Beer & Wine, some good nibbles......
AND LAWNBOWLING!!!!! (at one of the best clubs in the US, with some of the best bowlers around. All for the price of your attendance! ) 

We encourage folks to bring something to share and a grillable to toss on the non-bivalve BBQ. If you have a hotdish or a special picnic salad or cake you want to bring, PLEASE do.  But we WILL have plenty to eat, and it is not a requirement - just a delicious community builder.

WE WANT YOUR PRESENCE! We have news we want to share in person. And hugs we must dispense, and thank you's we want to give in person. Support comes in many forms and your friendship and support means the world to us. 

COME! PLAY! Even if you can't stay long or can't bring a potluck offering; come have a cool beverage and an Oyster (or other snack) and enjoy one the most beautiful views in the city while supporting unique theater experiences in the Pacific Northwest. 

RSVP!!! We need to know how many oysters to get    :)         Llysa [at] theatersimple [dot] org (And consider donating)

Want to volunteer? We could still use a few helpmeets - email above for details.

*due to climate change and a ridiculously hot summer, local oysters were NOT available in 2015. And - well, life and art squished us in 2016.
This year, however - OH YES!)