Kicking off with Finegan Kruckmeyer's THIS GIRL LAUGHS, THIS GIRL CRIES, THIS GIRL DOES NOTHING, theater simple is trying on some plays to see what might come up next for us, or fit some of our friends..


Written by TJ Dawe 
Performed by Andrew Litzky (theater simple co-founder - so many credits to list!)
Directed by K Brian Neel (The Snow Queen, 52 Pickup, Trailer Tales, Make*A*Wish's WONDERLAND, Zombie Odyssey, Ides of UnDead March)

Weds Aug 24th, 7:30p at The Stage Door Cafe at Taproot Theatre 


From the co-author of theater simple's massive hit, 52 Pick Up, TJ Dawe's The SlipKnot is a spellbinding comic monologue, by turns hysterical and heartbreaking, frantic and thoughtful. Journey back with the speaker to dead-end jobs of his youth: driving a giant truck, working phones for the postal service, and being a drugstore stockboy. In between are ruminations and observations, both wise and outlandish, on long-distance relationships, the history of Santa Claus, recreational dramamine, and why you should never mail meat, no matter what the clerk at the 7-11 tells you.

For more info about the playwright- http://www.tjdawe.ca
For more info about the director - http://www.kbrianneel.com