Indiana University, PA and ONLINE, Indiana, PA

CARAVAN CHRONICLES: ReUnion is an interactive public art event set in and around a 1962 Airstream Safari. Audience members become part of the ‘family’ at a semi-traditional (and highly idiosyncratic) reunion, contributing to the family lore with stories, memories and haiku of their own.

An expansive and inclusive collection of both analog and digital events, culminating in this gleeful faux-family reunion, CARAVAN CHRONICLES will kick off with a documentary podcast series in Winter 20121, encouraging connection in distancing times.

Crafted in collaboration with the Lively Arts program, theater simple, IUP students and Indiana participants, Caravan Chronicles will amuse and inspire ‘family’ of all ages, shapes and sizes, whether in person or online.

So, come play a game, write haiku and hang out – its time to add more stories to the family mythology.

for more information or to inquire about participation, please email