GiveBig! #GivingTuesday #GiveBig

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ONLINE! (sooo - stay in your comfy clothes and stay home!)

In our 30+ years of creating and touring, simpletons have produced more than 1500 performances of 50+ plays in six countries on four continents to great acclaim. And this is our 10th year participating in GiveBig, and we are so grateful to the donors who GiveBig to so many.

Last year, theater simple was selected by the State Department to represent the US at an international theater festival in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. We adapted our intimate site-specific Caravan Chronicles for an indoor theatre of 800, added 338 subtitles and performed alongside the National Theatres of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and a half dozen others. (Rocked it!)

Since April 2019, we enjoyed a sell-out run of THE MASTER & MARGARITA in Seattle, toured to Canada & Central Asia, and created a tricky interactive murder-mystery with a dream team. theater simple's last event was Feb 29 - the world has changed dramatically in the past 60 days. These times and events call for resiliency, flexibility and creativity.

Through our history we have explored how different tactics of storytelling illuminate the human experience; our audiences swept along with us, literally breathing together. That community act of conspiring is powerful.

We know there are more currencies than cash. Time, attention, and creativity are also valuable commodities. All support you give us now is going to making and reinforcing our community bonds - and these 'investments' in theater simple are actually priceless in their message to us - the story that you also feel this work is valuable. So we are planting seeds for future projects and collaborations, wrestling with bills/websites/ logistics and so many 'what-if's'.

We trust something interesting is going to grow. Thanks for playing in a creative garden with us.