Welcome to the second part of COVID CONVERSATIONS: a micro-series in theater simple's PARK BENCH. For our first topic we are exploring "voting"; one's culture around voting, not necessarily one's political affiliations, but how one thinks about the act of voting, what voting means to us as Americans.  We spoke with folks from ages 11 to 93 from across the US and even overseas.

Park bench is usually an interactive art project that looks a little like a rolling hill, where people have a seat and tell us their thoughts from a unique perspective.  But, COVID 19 has grounded our in-person work. For this episode we recorded phone calls and received cell phone voice memos.  We received so many inspiring submissions, we are turning this first topic into two episodes.  If you haven't listened to Part 1, these episodes stand alone, but do check it out.  It's right below this episode in the Park Bench feed.

We found it reassuring to hear similar statements and philosophies from both sides of the political aisle; and we accept and acknowledge that there are deep challenges to be tackled and resolved around these ideas of representation, and even who is allowed to vote.  But listening to these recordings, we believe that we as a country have many more commonalities than differences.

For now, here is Episode 2 of COVID CONVERSATIONS: VOTING

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