Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

— Albert Einstein

Give Big! May 3rd, 2016  
A ONE-DAY community giving extravaganza!
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theater simple
We build from the imagination up.
Award-winning, internationally acclaimed theater simple began with the aim of stripping the theatrical experience down to its elemental parts:
          ~ the imagination of the actor and audience,
          ~ the playwright's words,
          ~ and the ensemble's vision.

Our goal is to impact everyday creativity by interacting within various communities (teaching, collaborating, and conversing) and by linking ideas and art. 
We aim to create works that inspire and challenge artists and audiences.
"ever-ingenious... intriguingly ambitious, physical, and brainy"     Edmonton Journal


Robin in Wonderland - theater simple-devised Make-A-Wish Adventure 2011

Founded in Seattle, USA in 1990, theater simple has built an international reputation for producing provocative, innovative, entertaining and frequently “impossible” theatrical experiences. In over 27 years of touring and producing, theater simpletons have produced over 1100 performances of over 48 plays in four countries on three continents.
In a theater, through a park, or across the internet, we work out of the box and around the world.
Thinking globally, and acting locally –
we make theater. Simple.

~ GiveBig is May 3, 2016!  TOGETHER - we can make an IMPACT! ( and YES! We donate as well - what goes around...)
~ M. Burke Walker (founder, Empty Space Theater) will be directing Llysa Holland in THE FEVER again - an open rehearsal is scheduled for May 9 - contact us for more info
~ A READING SERIES - of plays under consideration for production begins this summer in Seattle - stayed tuned for more details
~ A ZOMBIE ODYSSEY  is currently booking dates for the Midwest in September and October - (more details soon!)
~ Meanwhile, Ricky Coates is prepping a Tesla play for the North American fringe circuit this summer!
~ MORE Exciting Announcements about upcoming shows and touring soon!

Seattle Foundation's GIVE BIG!

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Seattle, WA

GiveBIG is part of a larger collective giving strategy to invest in the future of Greater Seattle. May 3, 2016 will be the sixth year theater simple will participate in this remarkable one-day, online charitable giving event. GiveBIG is designed to raise money for our region's hard-working nonprofits. Our past targets have been accessibility and underwriting park projects as well as helping support touring logistics. Join us this year, won't you? Even $5 makes a difference, because it is Your vote of confidence in US. (Beginning 4/18 you can schedule a donation!


Hutchinson Hall 218, UW School of Drama, Seattle, WA

M.Burke Walker, founder of Seattle's Empty Space Theatre, UW Alum, and former head of the UW School of Drama MFA Directing program, is directing Llysa Holland in THE FEVER by Wallace Shawn. As part of their re-examination process during this political year, Walker and Holland will offer a work-in-process rehearsal during the events of the 75th Anniversary weekend of School of Drama. RSVP: info[at]


play reading - For simple sense: PLAY/Pen: #1

TBD, Seattle

The first of our summer reading series, in association with Taproot Theatre in the Greenwood neighborhood - a variety of world-class playwrights, dynamic performers and generously visionary directors. COME. PLAY!


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various living room, halls and gathering places

a series of intimate salon performances in various non-traditional settings, looking at this play and it's various messages with an eye to holding further conversations about how we even BEGIN to talk about the personal and political in this fraught political season

A Zombie Odyssey

 —  —

mid-West tour!

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We wouldn't be what we are without the community and support provided by Shunpike, 4Culture, and the Network of Ensemble Theaters.  You can support us with donations via Shunpike:

ON THE WEB:  Park Bench Podcasts!  theater simple's PARK BENCH -
  • We went to England, and talked with longtime friends and artists well in the groove about creation, community and WHY do we do this?  Here's what we learned... in Devon and London
  • ALSO -We have posted the fascinating set of interviews we did around memories folks have of the historic theaters in Tacoma, WA. Give it a listen and let us know your thoughts. Have you a place like this where you live? Is there a creative place for your community and what form does it take?
We wouldn't be what we are without the community and support provided by 4Culture, Shunpike and the Network of Ensemble Theaters.

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